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Being a Third World Developing Country, the Philippines is therefore considered a poor country. And rightfully so if we have to factor in the 19.3% of families listed below the poverty line. The bleak condition of our members is even more aggravated by the current COVID- 19 crisis where their source of livelihood, already meager and a challenge to most, is further compromised, if not totally eradicated. Even the COVID-related SAP dole outs of the government cannot suffice to contain their financial requirements.  And for how long they can depend from the government’s doleout is anybody’s guess.

We have therefore designed our Donation Program as a way that will sustain such help to their living conditions. A detailed demographics of our family members can be found in the Members’ Section of this website. And they can be directly approached, interviewed, and even visited if travel restrictions will not pose a hindrance.  It is your unconditional participation to donate to our cause that will not only help but save a family from the morass of poverty.

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