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Project Cost:      $2,000.00

AQUAPRO stands for Aquaponics Project. This involves an AQUAPRO unit composed of housing for the mini chicken poultry on the first level, an aquarium to culture the fish on the second level, and a garden tray to plant vegetables. Each AQUAPRO unit is equipped with a solar panel to allow for available lighting for the chicks while growing up, and for the aquarium to be maintained with around-the-clock functioning motor while providing the family with available house lights. Understand that there are places in the Philippines where electricity is not available, especially in remote islands, hence the presence of an electric bulb or two is a boon to these families.

The type of water to be used for the fish can be treated with a specialized organic fertilizer that comes with the package. The Water for the garden is also enhanced by SuperFoods composed of specialized organic fertilizer and other nutritious additives. The chicken will also be fed with water using the specially-formulated organically created liquid to enhance their growth process.

Our in-house technocrats of agricultural engineers and inventors have developed specially-formulated fertilizers and rehab additives that can produce highly productive products.  Our AQUAPRO unit is designed to answer the need for both rural and urban users.

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