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Project Cost:      $20,000.00

The Livelihood for the Family Project is aimed to financially empower each family  by providing them with the initial capitalization to pursue cottage industries  and family operated business to allow them to become productive and self-sufficient- true to the philosophy of our Association to TEACH THEM HOW TO FISH  and allow them to harvest all their lives. 


Based on the survey we conducted of our family members, most of the livelihood projects they have preferred to operate as a business are the following:

  • Chicken Poultry

  • Pig and Goat Raising

  • Grocery Store

  • Car Repair

  • Car Wash

  • Vegetable Planting

  • Bakery

  • Beauty Parlor

  • Fishpond Culture

  • Sheep Raising

  • Restaurant

  • Meat Processing

  • Fish Processing

While all of the above projects are self-explanatory as to describe it, their return on investment are as diverse ranging from 40% to 200%.

Chicken Farm
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