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The operationalization of our goals and objectives can be achieved through the H.E.A.R.T.S. PROGRAM in consonance with this overiding philosophy to fully address the multiple, overriding concerns of our members. It is designed to eventually create a new brand of social consciousness among the youth sector as we presently address the needs of their elders.


The H.E.A.R.T.S. PROGRAM is a wholistic program which aims to create a new breed of Filipinos who can finally stand tall and become proud of his values and identity as a New Filipino.  


"H"   -   HEALTH

H as an acronym which stands for Health serves as the most primordial consideration for all of our members to achieve thru the use of herbal and organic products inherent in our race espousing the Eastern style of medical practice believing that ‘health is wealth’.



E which stands for Education and Re-education is designed for all Filipinos starting with our members to achieve some level of enlightenment by revisiting the true ancient history of the Philippines, re-learning its ancient culture and traditions, rediscovering our roots and Hebrew lineage to understand our true and hidden identity as Ophirians and offsprings of Peleg, Shem and Noah thru seminars and programs and become comfortable with their newly found knowledge in order to appreciate their true identity as a Filipino, as among the true and real Shemites. Our newsmagazine, OneSource News was created as a publishing arm for this purpose to re-orient and re-educate our members of the true untampered history of our nation as a people and the role of our country in the history of the world. 

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A stands for Agricultural, agri-business organic, safe and clean products free from GMO manipulation and chemically- embedded products being promoted in the market nowadays.



R stands for Redemption which as a program aims to redeem our members from financial want, educational inadequacies and tampering, and redemption from enslavement and economic coercion by the Powers that Be. Redemption from want is tantamount to financial freedom, hence the most basic delivery of livelihood projects to afford significant income for our member families.



T stands for Technology. With the onslaught of new technologies that can revolutionize our lives, OneSource will be at the forefront to promote this concern for the sake of our members’ benefits. These new technologies and invention will come into fruition as we trod and implement Phase 3 of our H.E.A.R.T.S. PROGRAM.


"S"   -   SECURITY

S stands for Spirituality, not religiousity, first and foremost. S for Service shall also take centerstage as we implement our service to the Filipino people in the way of implementing our BBB Program for the youth. BBB stands for Bantay at Boses ng Barangay where the membership and service of our youth shall be utilized to serve as watchdogs in their respective barangay with the end in view of discreetly reporting crimes, including graft and corruption, drug abuse, law errants, and all forms of criminality and non-ethical practices which through a sophisticated system discreetly conducted will prove to pave the way for changes in our community at the barangay level.

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